Manchester, Connecticut

Probate Home

Hon. Michael M. Darby
Judge of the Court of Probate
District of Greater Manchester (#13)

Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m.

The Greater Manchester Probate Court serves the communities of Andover, Bolton, Columbia and Manchester.

The Greater Manchester Probate Court District is a part of the Connecticut State Probate system and is located at 66 Center Street in Manchester, Connecticut. 

Probate Courts have jurisdiction over many matters, such as:

     Probating wills and the administration of estates
     Overseeing testamentary and living trusts
     Construing the meaning of wills and trusts
     Appointing guardians for the intellectually disabled
     Appointing conservators of the person and/or the estate for incapable individuals
     Appointing guardians of the estate for minors
     Committing those suffering from severe mental illness to an appropriate facility
     Removing unfit parents as guardians of their children
     Terminating parental responsibilities
     Granting adoptions
     Granting name changes

Probate Court information, forms, and e-filing instructions can be found at the State Probate Administration website at